Edo Rosenblith

painting - drawing - wall art - illustration - printmaking - ceramics

Edo Rosenblith was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and spent his early years bouncing around America, first in New York, then Arizona, Missouri and Rhode Island, earning his BFA in painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. His work arrives in various mediums---ceramics, drawing, painting, prints, and wall installations--- yet they remain unified in approach to subject matter. Humor creates the initial moment of interest and modality for the viewer. Slowly the work reveals deeper subversive narrative that address darker social and idiosyncratic ideas such as how traumatic events shape both individuals and entire groups of people. This conflicting intention causes the viewer to readdress disconcerting ideals within themselves and society.

email - erosenbl@risd.edu

phone - 314.662.1231

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